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Tim learnt to play the violin as a child, being classically trained and passing the RSM violin exams to Grade VIII. He spent some time playing in orchestra's but eventually recognised that his interests were more in folk fiddle playing. He is a big fan of American Old-time waltzes. He now offers private fiddle lessons either online or one-to-one to transfer his expereince to aspiring fiddle players. The music projects he is closely involved or has been involved in follow:

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Rhosyn is Tim's latest project, a four piece band with local musicians who made their debut at Clarence Hall in Crickhowell in 2024. Rhosyn play a mixture of self-penned songs and carefully selected covers. Click on the link to go to their Youtube Profile.


Dont Tell Johnny

Tim was a founder member of the acoustic folk group 'Don't Tell Johnny' who have been playing together and performing in South Wales  since 2011. Don't Tell Johnny released an album of original material in 2016 entitled 'Better Late Than Never' which can be found on Amazon, Spotify and other popular music outlets. The band has played at many Festivals and has been played on the radio on many occasions. For more information go to

Shaughnessy Brothers

The Shaughnessy Brothers is a fun instrumental trio that play not only popular Irish and English folk tunes, but pretty much any popular tune from around the world. Designed for a good 'ole sing-along. Tim plays fiddle in this band along with an accordian player and a guitar player.

Bertie and Jonny

Bertie and Jonny are an instrumental violin / guitar duo that was formed in 2018. Tim plays fiddle in this duo  and they specialise in forming at weddings. Following the pandemic there has been a backlog of people wanting to tie the  knot and employing the services of Bertie and Jonny for the  big occasion has proved to be very popular.

Country Stormz

Tim is a former member of Country Stormz, a popular Country Rock band from South Wales. 

The Dont Tells

The Dont Tells are a duo comprising Tim and his wife Sam. During the pandemic they kept busy by writing and producing a concept album entitled 'My Prince of Wales' based on the life of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last true independent ruler of Wales, now available on Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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