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My son thoroughly enjoys his violin lessons with Tim. He looks forward to them every week. His recent ABRSM Violin Performance Grade 4 exam success with a Distinction is testament to how well he is doing. 

Sarah G (April 2024)


Only just started learning violin as a very senior citizen! Really pleased that I found Tim to teach me, he has a lot of patience and a good sense of fun. Looking forward to having lots more lessons with him!

Jill F (April 2024)


Tim is a brilliant teacher - and incredibly patient and kind with a fab sense of humour. I never thought I would be able to learn any instrument, let alone the violin! I get so much joy out of our sessions and from the practice. Tim sets pragmatic goals and is clear, helpful and flexible with sessions. Could not recommend him more.

Francesca P (April 2024)


Tim has been a great asset to helping me learn the violin. I’m really interested in a more fiddle style and Tim is helping with that. I really enjoy the lessons and am really happy with how far I’ve progressed! Thank you for your time and extensive patience!

Victoria S (March 2024)


I am so pleased to have picked Tim as my Violin teacher. As an adult beginner, it is daunting to start something new, but Tim makes the lessons relaxed and fun. There's no pressure and everything is done at your own pace. Would definitely recommend Tim for anyone wanting to learn the fiddle.

Elizabeth T (March 2024)


Tim has a very good understanding of my playing abilities and how to develop them. He presents violin lessons with a fun and motivating attitude, so I always look forward to my next lesson!

Vanessa M (March 2023)


This guy, this is your guy. Understanding, accommodating, patient. I was extremely nervous as an autistic person to take the plunge and start with a teacher and I'm so pleased I found Tim. Tim's great, clearly knows his stuff and his website has some great resources. I've had a good few lessons now and I'm looking forward to many more.

Danni D (March 2023)


I have been delighted with the fiddle lessons I've had so far with Tim. As a complete (adult) beginner, I was keen to find a teacher that could help me learn in a relaxed, no pressure environment. Tim is able to deliver this as well as offering guidance at a pace which means I feel I've made real progress in a short period of time. His website is great too!

Martha A (January 2023)


I am really enjoying my lessons with Tim. In just four lessons I am seeing improvement and have gained enough confidence to have a bash at fun things that I would never have tried (jamming in pentatonic scales for example). Tim takes time to figure out what your current level is and what you want to learn. He tailors the lesson accordingly. Tim also explains things simply and patiently. I can highly recommend lessons with Tim.

Franki M (January 2023)


Really pleased to have found Tim, and looking forward to starting lessons

Sue (October, 2022)


My daughter’s first lesson with Tim was fun and just what we had hoped for. Our daughter was free to be able to play her favourite folk music with Tim to accompany and teach. She loved her lesson and can’t wait for the next. Tim is a consummate professional. Highly recommend.

Samantha A (August 2022)


Very much enjoyed my first session with Tim. He put me at ease and gave lots of clear information about what he offers as a fiddle tutor. I look forward to learning more about how to improve my playing so that I can relax and enjoy the music more.

Kath W (May 2022)


I have played the fiddle for 40 years on and off with a particular interest in traditional Irish and Scottish tunes. My progress has been sporadic and I have a handful or so of tunes I can play by ear which sound half reasonable. Nonetheless I still have a great love of the music and the fiddle in particular. In Tim I have found a tutor who shares the same enthusiasm and can draw out the essential character of a tune and present it in a way that is accessible and fun for the student. Just three lessons in I can already feel a tangible improvement in my playing and a renewed interest in learning new tunes.

Stephen P (March 2022)


I’m not the youngest student on the planet so was sceptical about taking violin lesson at my age. However, Tim has put me at ease and given me the confidence to progress and improve. His structured approach is proving extremely helpful and his easy-going manner makes lessons a real pleasure. 

Brian J (March 2022)

Tim has been a great teacher. As an adult beginner, it can be somewhat nerve-racking to find a teacher. I am very glad I chose lessons with him. He has laid out a plan for instruction to get me playing tunes as quickly as possible, though still taking the time to focus on the building blocks and fundamentals. Not only that, it has been a relaxed and fun learning experience. My main focus is to be able to play fiddle tunes. However, I also want to be able to play classical music and learn music theory. Tim has the skill as a practitioner and instructor to be able to do this. The bottom line, I highly recommend lessons with Tim.

Justin A (February 2022)



Tim is a fantastic fiddle teacher. I have had violin lessons growing up but I've been wanting to get back into it as an adult but didn't really know how until I stumbled upon Tim's profile. His love of the music I love and his focus on being a musician able to play and improvise rather than being theory-drive is great - he has managed to fill the gaps in theory that I needed to understand what I am doing and to set me up to work towards being a fiddle player in a folk band I am in. I've had four lessons so far, but already on the third one I was able to improvise on a lovely tune provided by Tim. I now pick up my violin many times a day, eager to practise what he's given me to work on. It's great to feel confident that Tim feels confident in me, so all in all a positive cycle that has given me a new joy in my life (and he's much more fun than the teachers I had a kid, bless them).

Amy B (February 2022)


Jack is thoroughly enjoying his sessions with Tim. They seem to have built a good rapport after just 2 lessons. Jack makes sure he practices lots between lessons to get the most out of his time with Tim. Would definitely recommend Tim’s Fiddle Tutoring!

Jo B (February 2022)



I'm really enjoying folk fiddle lessons with Tim as an adult learner returning to violin after many, many years. Not quite a beginner as I had the basic skills, already I am progressing well. Tim keeps me supplied with fresh material to learn and improve my skills. I am progressing more quickly than I imagined.

Alison C (January 2022)


I've had two lessons at Tim's studio now and have enjoyed both of them very much, I've a third booked already and can very clearly see the progress I've made with the violin. Tim is a very friendly guy and a great teacher and I'm very grateful to have found him.

Sam H (October 2021)



Even if you are a complete beginner with the violin, Tim will be very patient and encourage you to proceed with the lesson. I learned how to tune strings and was surprised that it was possible in online lessons. Also give accurate advice each time during the lesson.

Ryoko F (September 2021)


Tim is a fantastic tutor, his years of experience in his Irish fiddle duo band and bluegrass country band really shine thru and gives of an air of easy confidence and incredibly competency. The atmosphere is relaxed with Tim’s sense of humour and patience, this lends to a comfortable learning environment, meaning he is a fantastic teacher for beginner and advanced alike. Would highly recommend.

Jo M (July 2021)


I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons with Tim. Having searched for a while to find a tutor that I didn’t want to feel pressured with a strict examination approach etc. I like that it’s fiddling for fun and for that reason Tim is perfect and I highly recommend. I was very nervous to start with but Tim made me feel very relaxed and he is Extremely patient. I look forward to future lessons in my fiddling journey.

Leanne H (July 2021)


I've just had my first lesson with Tim and it was excellent! I learnt more than I thought I would in one lesson and it's made me excited to have my next one. Tim is very lovely and easy going and made me feel very relaxed. He helped me with all sorts of extra tips and he knows his stuff! Would highly recommend! Thanks Tim! :)

Hannah C (May 2021)


For a perfect balance of a progressive yet chilled out approach to learning an instrument, I cannot rate Tim more highly. As a complete beginner to the violin, I had no idea how well I would take to it but, thanks to Tim's experience as a performer and tutor, my confidence has increased drastically along with my ability. If you're looking to have fun in learning an instrument Tim is definitely the tutor for you.

Josh C (April 2021)


I immediately felt relaxed with Tim. He was extremely helpful, patient and encouraging. The lesson was just what I needed. Many thanks.

Piers H (April 2021)


Tim is a great tutor. He understands where I am with the violin and the sort of music I like. I am progressing very well with his lessons and am very motivated to achieve all the next steps. I am a beginner but he is very encouraging and pushes me forward. He is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humour!

Gillian T (March 2021)


Tim is very friendly, and really knowledge. I felt relaxed from the first moment, and he helped answer all my questions and correct any issues I had

Chloe P (February 2021)



Tim is a very good teacher, flexible and encouraging. He goes out of his way to tune into students’ individual needs and motivation. He’s cheerful, reliable, clear in his explanations and a pleasure to learn from.

Dea C (February 2021)


Great tutor always takes his own time out to help learn your style you want to learn and create great pieces to practice along to at home. Thanks Tim

Holly B (February 2021)


I have only had two lessons so far, but Tim is a great teacher. He is very helpful and patient. He has supplied music for me and also backing music to help with my practice.

Janice G (November 2020)


Tim is such a good violin teacher, he gives you the confidence, as a complete beginner, to have a go. Then the encouragement to build on what you’ve learnt. I now feel confident to try out new pieces and he teaches you to read music as you go. I would highly recommend Tim as a teacher as he will put you at ease and always be available to answer any queries. You really won’t be disappointed.

Tracie G (August 2020)

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